Our Values

Our corporate culture is based on specific values that we follow in our daily professional practice.


  • We are professional in all aspects
  • We keep strong technical knowledge
  • We do not sacrifice the quality of our work
  • We are independent


  • We are accountable
  • We promise exactly what we can do
  • We provide valid advice
  • We keep deadlines set by both clients and authorities
  • We inform on time our clients about their obligations and deadlines

Problem Solving

  • We identify the problem and examine all parameters with analytical thinking
  • We use strong technical knowledge
  • We give the right advice on the right time

Working Together

  • We work closely with our people and associates
  • We work closely with our clients
  • We are open and honest in our communication
  • We build relationships

Continues improvement

  • We develop our people
  • We seek feedback
  • We use the right systems and methods
  • We keep informed about all changes of facts and principles

Business Focus

  • We look for the big picture
  • We analyze the facts and provide insights
  • We are insightful


  • We respect our clients
  • We respect our people
  • We respect our associates
  • We respect our associations


  • We always try to do things better
  • We want to see our clients achieve their targets


  • We safeguard the information of our clients

This is our culture...
This is the way we do things here at ASSERTUS